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Alfred chung

Holistic Communicator, NLP Master Practitioner and Enneagram Coach

After graduated from school and came into the working society, I was stuck in a crossroad or what is commonly known as a quarter-life crisis.

While I'm grateful that my education has served me well over the years, I felt that it wasn't robust and dynamic enough for me to navigate the bigger games of life.

Soon enough, I find myself leading a double life, even though I was doing alright in my corporate job back then. I was trying to conform what the society wants rather than living a life that is congruent with my purpose, vision and values.

Over the years of self-developmental practice, I progressed from being a low self-esteem person to a ‘quiet force that inspires and moves’ people influentially.

...it is the consistency, sincerity and a-mind-for-others that will be the best predictor of sales performance, over time.

If you ever think that quiet people don't make great salesmen, then you'd have missed out real gems like Alfred.

When I first worked with him, I found him slow and somewhat unresponsive. But as I had more exchanges with him and working on numerous projects together, I have found that he's not slow, but he's actually very present and grounded. He has been able to see things that busy minds don't see, and his words often left me with powerful insights that hit things right at the most critical spot.

My biggest admiration for Alfred is that although he's the quietest Business Development Exec Mind Transformations has ever hired, because of his ability to build deep relationships with people, his natural way of being an anchor-point that people can trust; and his constant willingness to do more FOR the customer; he broke all the sales record of Mind Transformations' Business Development Execs from since 1997.

I am truly honored to have the opportunity to work with Alfred. His humility and groundedness continues to be a great inspiration for me; a demonstration that competition, rah-rah and scarcity mindset don't last - it is the consistency, sincerity and a-mind-for-others that will be the best predictor of sales performance, over time.

Joseph Ch'ng  //  NLP Coach, Writer, Program Facilitator

A major breakthrough for me was that I don’t need to chase after big achievements of success or accolades to prove my worth. It is really up to me to define my own version of what success is instead of building it based on someone else’s.

This itself, was the most liberating experience of my life.

It is by going inwards to express myself that I was able to uncover my gift in communicating life’s wisdoms and insights to impact the lives of others, whether it is through writing, coaching, creative works or photography.

In today's world, we are constantly fighting to position ourselves in many ways, be it career or business wise. However, we are usually driven by our fears and noises to externalise our experiences while burying our true inner compass, our innate GPS, guided by our DNA of purpose, values and identity.

With this journey I'm continuing on, I aspire to connect with and bring together stories of heart and soul inspiring entrepreneurs and individuals who care deeply about what they do, in creating a bigger positive ripple effect for years to come.