How a person treats others – people, animals and nature, even if he stands nothing to gain, is far more influential than what he has achieved.

Alfred Chung

Alfred Chung

Complexity Coach and Human Brand Consultant

Fascinate Certified Advisor, Fascinate, Inc

Certified NLP Master Practitioner, Mind Transformations

Certified Enneagram In Business Coach, The Enneagram In Business

Since young, Alfred has been fascinated by how magicians mesmerise their audience.

Later on in his life, this fascination returned, but not for the sake of wanting to become a magician himself. 

Instead, he was drawn into the art for its ability to hook on people's mind.

Since then, he studied how these performers use the subtleties of psychology to influence on the audience mind.

And when he entered the field of Neuro- Linguistics Programming (NLP), coaching and personal development, he realised a personal mission - to use this art of influence to serve with love and to do good.

While many brand strategist and marketers emphasize on tactics, outer techniques and strategies, Alfred goes beyond the surface and help his clients leverage on their hidden value and unfair advantages, making it work as their secret weapons at their best.

In another word, to constantly expand oneself as highly robust humans to thrive in complexity.

This helped save his clients from confusion, frustrations, noises and disappointments on costly campaigns and the smokes and mirrors, where they can best channel their investment and energy on high leverage points of their human potential for impact and growth results.

​He is often seen as the "quiet force that moves" people unassumingly.

Using his gifts of insights and wisdom, he helped businesses and professional uncovered the "less that is more," enabling them to reach the next level.

Alfred is a very dedicated trainer when it comes to training or coaching. He is willing to go the extra mile just to make sure you understand the techniques as well as the progression of my life. You can sense that he uses his heart and soul to listen to your issues that you have in life. The amazing thing is that Alfred was able to show me the way with just a simple analogy, yet requires deep understanding. If I would recommend a life trainer. Alfred would be my top choice!

Roger See, Licensed Trainer in Mind Map & Memory

Singapore Learning Mind

Moving forward, he is dedicating himself towards enabling conscious entrepreneurs and career change makers to build brands that matter and to expand their influence, to thrive and lead in this world of complexity.

His favourite movie character is Professor X from X-men series, who taught him to celebrate and trust in each individual’s unique abilities and that leaders eat last (Simon Sinek).

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