Attention all consultants, trainers, teachers, advisors, coaches, service providers and subject-matter experts (SME):

It's time to stop worrying about the uncertainty of your future in your field of service and start expanding and deepening your value and impact that fulfills you with the growth you want.

Does any of the following sounds like you?

ideal coaching customers
You're known for many things and not influentially potent on something or you just couldn't articulate well enough your highest distinct value.

You have an extensive list of credentials, repertoire and experience in your field or niche of expertise. You are much better than most people out there who are average in those areas. The irony is, your audience is finding it hard to differentiate you from the rest of the crowd out there because you're well known in a lot of different areas but not influentially strong in a quality or context - the curse of being multi-talented. Or, the usual case is, you aren't really clear about your unique highest value you bring to the table. This puts you in a state of anxiety, worrying those "what ifs..."

You find yourself enjoying the sweetness of those low hanging fruits, whether it is your career, business and projects. However,  you ended up stuck in a plateau, not knowing what you can do to breakthrough this glass ceiling.

You are already getting some good responses and results with your efforts. But after sometime, you keep dealing with those same group of people coming back to you - the low hanging fruits are keeping you COMFORTABLE. You are bogged down having to keep servicing this group of people because they are keeping you busy. Yet, you know there is so MUCH MORE your venture can potentially scale and expand. You find yourself stuck at your existing pool of clientele. The risk to this is that if some disruption (chances are, it will, due to the nature of a digital economy) happens to this current pool of audience you are attracting, your primary stream of business could be jeopardised. 

You are frustrated and perhaps jealous as well because the same tactics, methodology and strategy that have yielded success for others aren't giving you the same results. More often than not, you are exerting yourself harder than before to keep it going, whatever it is you are pursuing.

Some of the first responses in your mind could be: "Am I doing it wrongly? Or, this thing doesn't really work that well as what it has proclaimed." You find it a challenge to maintain consistency of growth and hence sustainability in your venture or pursuits. You are constantly micromanaging the moves towards your intended outcome. Then, you ended up jumping from one method to the other and you find that it almost always come back to the same recurring issue - disconnected bits and pieces, leaving you fragmented. Also, with the new waves of changes arriving in the marketplace, you find it tough to serve the audience's dynamic and intricate demands.

If that is you, then you are in the right place to begin with - so that your efforts get the traction and results they deserve!

Your mind is programmed to survive, not thrive, not be amazing, and so it will start to self-sabotage you when you get outside your comfort zone.

presence of influence

Let’s suppose in a travel and hospitality industry. A competitor on a survival mode will tend to focus on pricing and coming up with attractive package deals to compete in this cluttered, overcrowded and aggressive market.

What usually happens is that they will pump in investments on promotional marketing campaign, just to spread their message far and wide in order to cover all bases because they have nothing else to differentiate themselves other than price.

By playing in a price-war game that comes with this survival mentality, they tend to squeeze themselves and their suppliers or partners to drop their prices. Staff became overworked and underpaid and eventually lose their jobs when margins are eroded and the short-term profits start to look shaky.

In the end, customers have to get lower quality treatments or substandard service.

And for the marketers, they will advise their clients to upgrade on their marketing in order to go bigger on campaigns, with the promises of winning in this competitive market.

Here’s the irony, the more they spend, the more they lose, let alone thriving.

For Intrepid Travel, they played at a different league (the blue ocean) by serving a growing audience who are conscious about their travel experiences and doing it exceptionally well in that area.

By focusing on offering socially responsible, real life travel experiences and striving to be a carbon neutral business, it managed to grow without competing aggressively in the market. For them, it’s about staying true to their purpose and vision and ensuring all their stakeholders are aligned with their values (integrity, responsibility, growth, innovation, fun and passion) and communicating on those levels.

The difference?

For more than 27 years, the company hosts more than 100,000 travellers every year, with more than 1000 staffs and more than 1000 adventure trips in over 100 countries. The Intrepid Foundation, a not-for-profit fund has distributed over $5 million to more than 70 non-government organizations that support health care, education, human rights, child welfare and animals rights.

This kind of growth can’t come from a survival mode mentality.

The only way to shift from survival to growth is by redefining your own psychological, mental, emotional, physiological and energetic patterns within such that it raises your influence with others and deepen the positive effects in whatever you are trying to accomplish.

Only then, you are able to create a VALUE ECOSYSTEM that deepens your authority in your field, raise the value you are bringing to your clientele, expand your impact and live the kind of life you want.

Alfred was an integral contributor to how I approached my website and marketing. Alfred spent time researching my product and market and was able to ask the right questions. I was then able to create a website that shares my authenticity and passion fully. I'm extremely happy with Alfred's guidance and approach. Thank you Alfred, continue to shine your positive, bright light. I will be honoured to work with you again.

 Isabel Styles 

 Switzerland, Founder and Entrepreneur, Aspect.33 

This is what The Ecosystem Method program is about - bridging the gaps between what you are trying to accomplish with who you are to exponentiate your growth, value and impact.

You will go through a 3-phase process of 6 sessions, 2 hours each to level up your inner game so that it raises your outer impact and growth.

Phase 1 - Uncover your highest distinct value of your inner game

This is where you uncover your unique unfair advantage that gets you MORE with LESS. This way, you'll outperform the rest who tried to be best in many things and ended up as average Joes in the field. This “blueprint” then becomes your “DNA” for your pursuits, whether in career or your business growth. With this, it empowers you to live in synergy with who you are, without sabotaging yourself.

Phase 2 - Define your "landscape" and context of influence to attract the right people

Without being clear about the "landscape" you are positioning your unique value, you ended up weakening your impact. That's why many people chase after tactics after tactics trying to make things work without much success. Defining your context enables you to create targeted communication with high relevance, attraction and depth that stands out from the rest.

Phase 3 - Design an integral path for ongoing growth, impact and resonance

The key to growth and sustainability moving forward is to align your inner work with the outer strategy of your venture. This is where you you find your sweet spot and leverage of deepening your mastery in your defined context, design and validate your VALUE ECOSYSTEM that empowers you to expand, grow and raise your impact, value and hence your fulfillment and rewards in your service. 

 Gennet Song 

 Singapore, Founder, Sparks of Life 


Alfred is not the typical marketing guy. I wasn't looking for one. I was looking for a person who is authentic, conscious and have values I share like integrity, generosity, willing to learn and grow, open hearted and open minded. He has depth and resonate with the spirit of what our business is about.

I am amazed at the perspectives Alfred offers, going beyond what I expect of him. I feel respected, honoured and valued as he listened intently, expressionless most times, and then gift us with his insights and perspectives through his writing n content. We have struggled for the right words to communicate who we are and our business. He is versatile. He has the gift to cut right to the heart and at the same time can present a message in an unexpected creative way.

I wanted our message to reach people's hearts. I'm looking for a unique audience who seeks a special unique and safe space to come home to themselves. Alfred had crafted our messages masterfully with pictures and words.

Alfred is the guy if you want an unusually gifted person to journey with to send your business message to the world.

So what can I get out of this?

Definitely not more tactical stuff to clutter you further. The purpose of this whole process is to equip you with an ECOSYSTEM of META imprints, blueprint and your version of value and communication assets. It is like DNA, guiding you in every ways possible from your strategic decisions to the way you communicate, act, market yourself and grow your expertise, pursuits and passion.

With these aspects of you turned on, imagine you are:

  • In control of your interactions with others or key stakeholders without them feeling controlled. In fact, they will thank you for adding value. You will be seen as a centre of influence in their consciousness.
  • Living from a space of a much higher level of thinking on all fronts. It gives you the unfair advantage. Hence, your perceived value increases. This puts you in a favourable position of being in high demand, whether in your career or your business - to thrive in this world of complex and chaotic system.
  • Being clear about your deeper convictions in the areas that matter to you, minimising yourself from getting sidetrack by those opportunities that glitter. You then become more optimum in your performance and understanding which aspects to invest your time, money and energy strategically, rather than exhausting your efforts or spreading yourself too thin. It gives your people/partners a strong reason to stay with you, increases credibility and enhances motivation to engage and to be an advocate eventually, among the abundance of choices out there. In summary, it helps you think bigger and see a greater possibility beyond what you have and where you are.
  • And MUCH more...

Is This Programme Right for You?

This coaching programme is not for everyone. It's for consultants, coaches, professionals and other expertise/service-based business owners or entrepreneurs who seek to create meaningful growth and thrive on purpose.

You will also develop your version of nuanced perspectives and mastery in areas related to business development and marketing for your field of expertise.​

This you can't get from books, information products, seminars and other fluffy coaching programs.​

Yes, there is work involved - getting in the trenches, sleeves rolled up and doing it.

And once you've got it, it's yours for life!


  • People who seek to build and create a business or work of significance, meaning and impact that nurtures others, the planet and themselves
  • Those who have been wanting to start building something that they can make the transition into which resonates with their value and purpose as well as being able to scale and expand later on
  • People who are willing to stretch their comfort zones and to play at a different level from their peers and competitors to see a greater result and performance in their pursuits


  • Looking for desperate solutions to jump from one pit to another and hoping to learn some isolated tricks and techniques to gain quick and easy success
  • Not willing to invest on themselves to do the necessary work in order to thrive
  • Those who constantly blames the external factors and not seeing themselves as the basis of transformation
  • Those still having credit cards debts

 Jacq Ong 

 Singapore, Co-Founder, Sparks of Life 


Alfred communicates from his heart by letting his spirit guides and listens deeply. He connects with us with what seemingly is so simple and yet, it is the simple ways of being that he embodies that lead the way.

He assures deeply with his ability to listen, communicates clear and succinctly that always hits home for me. He does all of this in a gentle, loving, and empowering way.

His ability to weave ideas and insights together say much about his connection to the bigger picture.

One of the feedback we've received about our rebranding project is this: "Who wrote this? So beautiful and wow, I didn't know that's what both you and Gennet have been doing all this time! How is it that I am not aware of what you have been up to? I deeply connect to your website. It's not like any website I've come across. It does justice to who you and Gennet are to the world."

Alfred's innate gifts shine through brightly. It's not something you just learn from a workshop. It's though his personal experiences in life, trust in his own gifts, the willingness to expand and grow... all these and more add value to his ability to connect and communicate with wisdom, with ease and joy.

So what's the next step forward?

We firmly limit the number of people for each intake so we can give significant, individual attention to each. There's just no way we can offer the amount of personalized feedback and assistance that we're committed to otherwise. This is a true coaching program, not a workshop seminar or virtual summit. By applying now, we will get on a diagnostic consultation call with you to assess if this program is right for you, without obligation.