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What it takes to supercharge your career and thrive in the future of work?

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There is a lot of uncertainty today concerning Singapore’s changing employment landscape. This is true for both career seekers and organisations alike, as both sides of the table try to understand and navigate the ‘Future of Work’.

What are the driving forces behind this change?

A recent Straits Times article highlights some key trends we now ‘know’ – and in doing so, alludes to further disruptions which are certain to impact this dynamic, despite remain ‘unknown’.

  • Shrinking share of working-age population. With a predicted decline from 72 per cent to below 60 per cent among the resident population....
    The challenge of economic growth across the developing world means today’s brands, businesses and career builders will be faced with ever-growing competition.
  • The relentless pace at which technology is disrupting the lines between industries – with tech companies dominating global business dynamics and performance…
    The future belongs to who can adapt to new ways of working, the wave of digitalisation, and embrace new and unknown territories
  • Workplace automation. With the rise of artificial intelligence and machine learning...
    Thriving in today’s business and employment landscape comes down to our capacity for human ‘factors’ - empathy, creativity, self-leadership and decision-making – will be the deciding factor of who wins in ‘man’ vs ‘machine’.
what are you doing with your career

So, what does this mean for YOUR CAREER?

The time has come for great paradigm shifts in how you prepare, plan and pursue career success.

In light of today’s business and employment challenges, survival of the ‘fittest’ will be determined by an entirely different way of thinking, working and being. 

Thriving Mindset

Job for life is DEAD. Gone are the days of working to survive; these are the days of working with purpose. The purpose movement is challenging businesses and professionals to address long-ignored questions surrounding the notion of IMPACT – What is the value being created in the world and what is that exchange? As traditional companies grapple this existential question, and emerging businesses lead the way forward, the time has come for 21st Century career seekers and builders to actively cultivate a mindset that is driven by values, purpose, and possibilities

Future Skills

Against a backdrop of rapid and unpredictable change, the ambiguous buzzword ‘future skills’ must be understood in more practical terms (by employees and employers), if we are to move beyond talking about skills and start building, articulating, and advocating them more effectively.


Above all else, navigating and thriving in today’s employment landscape is about being proactive in your personal/professional development.

This includes the ability to…

your career superpowers
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    Reflect on your career journey and craft a compelling narrative that ties your story together – weaving in the experiences, skills, and insights you’ve developed that shape your personal and professional identity.
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    Evaluate your career possibilities based on latest business and employment trends, opportunities, or identified ‘gaps’ in the market – and aligning this to your career aspirations, goals, and development.
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    Market your unique talents, skills and personal traits in a clear and comprehensive manner that speaks to the impact you want to make – through resume or cover letter writing, networking interactions, and building your online presence.
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    Position yourself for the right opportunities by developing your personal/professional brand authentically – evangelising your voice, values, and vision for the future in all that you think, say, and do.
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    Take calculated risks and strategic decisions that are aligned to your personal values and career goals, in order to carve your path and see it through – with passion, purpose and perseverance.
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    Challenge yourself to achieve your full potential – through continuous learning, ‘up-skilling’, and healthy lifestyle practices to ensure the longevity and sustainability of your personal and professional advancement and growth.
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    Develop value-driven relationships that form your ‘tribe’ of challengers, cheerleaders, collaborators and co-conspirators who can help to ensure you keep moving forward with clarity, confidence, courage and – most importantly – accountability.

Your career ecosystem

It’s important to remember that no great feat is achieved single-handedly. Behind every great leader is a team of key ‘players’ to support a collective effort towards a common goal.

There are endless metaphors in competitive sports to illustrate this – here’s one example: 

In a football match, it isn’t just stellar techniques in dribbling; kicking, blocking or manoeuvring the ball determines the outcome. Nor will the fastest or strongest team necessarily win the game. It is the strategic game plan, team formations, drills and tactics, coupled with the teams’ ability to play as a collective unit, towards a common goal, that wins. Similarly, when it comes to your career, it isn’t always about having the most experience, qualifications or credentials; thriving isn’t a result of going the journey alone. You need a strategic action plan and an ecosystem of goal-driven coaches/mentors, peers and accountability structures to support your endeavours and help you move forward – particularly in light of today’s market shifts and growing competition.

career coaching ecosystem

Here’s what you’ll need to create your career ecosystem and smash your 2018 goals: 

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    Goal – Start with the big picture. Take some time this holiday season to set a clear intention for your year ahead. Make it SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-driven). Without setting clear goals for yourself, it’s easy to lose sight of where you are headed – before you know it, another year will have gone by!
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    Strategic Plan – You’ll also need a plan of action. Once you’ve set your bigger goal, you’ll need a roadmap to help you make those smaller wins. Remember it’s a process and aim is progress. Your plan doesn’t need to be elaborate or complex – an itemized list of action items and deadlines is all you’ll need to make the most of your time and efforts.
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    Team – Who’s in your network and how could they help? This is possibly the most important aspect of your career ecosystem. Whether you join a Meetup, start a Mastermind group, work with a career coach, or find a mentor, having a support system to guide your forward journey and keep you accountable is essential to your career success.

In case you’re wondering whether a career coach is for you, here are three reasons why you might consider doing so… 

  • Personalised Feedback – While there is a plethora of career resources and general advice available on the web, this will only get you so far. The great advantage of engaging a coach is having someone listen to your situation and give you expert advice on how to move forward plus personalised feedback to your burning questions.
  • Accountability – This is where most people struggle. Goal-setting is great, but it is only as good as the time and effort you put into achieving them. A career coach will help you create dedicated time and space to get things done. As we always say, action is king.
  • Experimentation – One of the most common barriers we see from people looking to level-up their careers is a lack of confidence. Working with a coach can help to address this by providing a safe environment to ‘test’ your new resume, rehearse your elevator pitch, and gain real-time feedback and strategies to iterate and improve before going to market.

Whether or not you decide to work with a coach, here are three important questions you can start to reflect on as you wrap up 2017 and look to the year ahead: 

Use these questions and the resources given in the links to realize a career breakthrough

start with why

WHY work? 
What is the purpose of the work to you? What motivates you to wake up and show up each day? What is your why?

Hopefully you’re digging beneath the surface to go beyond the superficial: ‘pay the bills’ response. If you’re still struggling, then consider this:

If money were no object, what is the work you would do and why?

what is your career value

WHAT’s your story? How have your personal and professional experiences shaped your identity, values and worth? What unique skills, insights and learnings have you developed on your journey and where could they lead you?

So often, we undervalue our own worth. Dated notions of the (‘hard’) skills, (‘employable’) traits, and (‘relevant’) experiences prospective employers are seeking, hinder our ability to recognise the professional assets we already possess – and the opportunity to re-invent yourself for new or emergent trajectories.

what is your career vision

WHERE do you want to go and grow? What is the vision for your future self? What are the possibilities for the next direction or level of your career? What is the impact you want to make? How will you make it happen?

Breaking the mould of career convention to carve your own path takes a possibility-mindset – stepping back from the myopic ‘job-seeker’ view to see the full picture of your career.

Whether your next milestone is an internal promotion, industry switch, or starting up a new venture – it’s the clarity of your vision, conviction of purpose, and the authenticity of your mission that will determine your success.

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Solonia Teodros

Solonia Teodros is co-founder of The Change School – a lifestyle and learning brand to help people navigate through personal/professional transition and growth. An award-winning trainer/facilitator for leadership excellence, her Life/Work focuses on enabling purpose-
driven individuals and groups to embrace change, navigate life/work transitions and thrive – with confidence, courage and deeper connection to themselves.

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