Uncover your personal brand secret weapon and highest leverage that will leapfrogged your performance in this complex landscape without shortchanging your life.

In your pursuit of driving your brand to a place of significance, fulfillment and impact, you might probably encounter the following challenges...

You're known for a bit of many things and not influentially on something.

It is not uncommon these days that many business owners and entrepreneurs wear multiple hats and are multi-talented. But an impressive long list of expertise you are known for can be conflicting and confusing for your audience to get you. You ended up being taken for granted even though you have something of high value to offer. Even though you know your strengths and weaknesses, your personality, your values and your talents, somehow you can't seem to hit the 'sweet spot' and pull it off well enough.

You often find yourself fighting against commoditization and fighting the fire rather than growing the venture or brand.

You find it difficult to stand out from a distracted mainstream environment filled with noise and competition and to enroll more of the right people to your business vision, passion, purpose or cause. This means it would be hard for you to position yourself at the premium and you ended up selling your business short. On top of that, you might have a tough time reaching out to new audiences because you seem to be blended with the rest. Your energy is often spent in fighting the fire rather than growing your venture.

You've been struggling to sustain the path.

In your pursuit of building your brand, obstacles are bound to enter your lifestyle habits and your stream of consciousness. Whether it is fear of failure or success, procrastination, issues with feeling overwhelmed and so on, you might find yourself stuck and not moving forward to where you deserve. Or you find yourself having conflicting values and mismatched perspectives that stop you in the tracks. Because of that, you felt like an ironic. You also realised that what seems to work well before has begin to lose its effectiveness and you spend time troubleshooting without much breakthrough. In the process, you find yourself compromising on your health, relationship and life.


Increasing conscious brand footprint for businesses and entrepreneurs who want to thrive on making a difference.

 Depending on the needs, stage of business and growth outcomes, this personal coaching and consultation program covers the spectrum and combination of:
Uncover your highest and distinct value that helps you attract the best people you want to serve and puts you in the flow.

This is where you define your unique unfair advantage in your personal branding and focus on being the best in fulfilling a small but fanatical group of customers. This way, you'll outperform the rest who tried to be best in everything and ended up as average Joes in the field. This “blueprint” then becomes your “DNA” for your business development.

Align your inner game to activate the “flow” in what you do rather than playing the self-sabotaging game.

You will focus on aligning your core values, purpose and mission to your business brand as a conscious business and entrepreneur. You will work on your inner states of thinking, doing, feeling and behaving so that you are more often in those supportive and productive habits that help you get to where you want to land.

Create compelling value and framework to elevate the worth of your work to where it truly deserves.

The greatest value you can bring to the table is in enabling your audience to integrate what they've learned or adopted and to see that transforming their lives. This allows you to position your business differently from the rest and that you become highly sought after for being a recognised and respected expert.

Enhance your personal power and influence that keeps the right people coming back for more.

You win people by your influence and psychology, more than anything else. You are not trying to influence, but you are the influence! You will learn how to resonate with your people not just at the mental level, but also to tap into their psyche and develop your sweet spot of harnessing the masculine and feminine elements of influence. By doing so, your develop your style of communication that struck them most at their core and essence without turning them off.

Design your content and messaging blueprint to build a movement - something bigger than YOU.

Many people are building bigger online “bubbles” rather than a strong online presence. Building your online content assets helps to demonstrate to your audience how you think, and letting them evaluate the substance of your value. It is a point of leverage for you to scale and build a movement - something bigger than you.

Leverage on the power of networks to grow your social currency.

There is an axiom by Jim Rohn that still holds a lot of truth: “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” This is where you will look at building your tribe, advocates and connecting with influencers who could rally and support your vision and mission. You go beyond the cliche of “let’s explore partnerships” to creating a collaborative and sustainable relationships that matter in your field of expertise.

What You’ll Get...

There will be online resources, assessment tools and reports made available to you during this process of business consultation and coaching, supported by virtual calls, emails and other online tools.

Is This Programme Right for You?


  • People who seek to build and create a business or work of significance, meaning and impact that nurtures others, the planet and themselves
  • People who are unfulfilled in their career and been wanting to start building something that they can make the transition into which resonates with their value and purpose
  • People who believe in the pursuit of passion, purpose and profits as an integrated whole and creating a life that aligns with their values and beliefs of having a sustainable ecosystem
  • Change-makers who want to bring forth a new reality to a current problem that is afflicting masses and to create a sustainable movement.


  • Looking for desperate solutions to jump from one pit to another
  • Asking for job recommendations
  • Hoping to learn some isolated tricks and techniques to gain quick and easy success
  • Not willing to invest on themselves to do the necessary work in order to thrive
  • Wanting to build a false image of branding to hook people into their business

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