Uncover and tap into your highest distinct value of what you bring to the table in almost any context

Even when you are still new in your field or considering to move into a totally different area of niche...

your unique unfair advantage

Imagine yourself walking into a social or networking situation where you are asked to introduce yourself. What will you say? How will you communicate your value across without creating doubts and confusion that kills the synergy and opportunity?

No matter what your field of experience is, you need a specialty of some kind, a signature way of adding value and communicating that across influentially so as to establish a strong trust in an environment filled with noise, clutter and distractions.

And your personality profiling helps you ignite your unfair advantage by  enabling you to:
  • Stand out congruently and authentically in the face of competition, distraction and commoditisation. 
  • Front-load your value so that others GET you instantly without compromising your credibility and confidence.
  • Elevate your worth and position yourself a cut above the rest so that you attract the right people rather than you chasing for people.
how to fascinate profiling tool
John Doe UI/UX Designer

"This, to me, was a revelation."

"A session with Alfred was both meaningful and helpful to me. What added value to the session was the common language we shared in Enneagram personality system and how I can work towards finding my core and be in the flow. During the session, I discovered my main communication style: the groundedness in me and the need to start small before I get into a realist mode. He helped me identify possibilities of connecting my expertise in the subject matter of nature to real life lessons, that enabled me to craft my materials to resonate with my audience stronger in a practical sense. Another unique thing that stood out in the session was the profiling I did prior the meeting: A mediator with my 2 dominant archetypes: Alert and Trust. It revealed the steadfastness, structure and consistency in me, enabling me to define my best self and distinct value. This, to me, was a revelation."

Fiona Puah
- Facilitator, Tutor


Your hidden talents, your highest worth, your unrealized potential - the best parts of you might not have been obvious to you before. But now they can be. And with that knowledge, you can use your Fascination Advantages to grow your life, your team, your business or your career.

For an one-time investment of USD$97, this profiling session will give you...

  • A comprehensive downloadable profiling report with your Fascination Archetype fully explained, learning how to activate your unique value advantage by tapping into your optimum flow state and minimise your "quicksand" spots.
  • Personal Consultation and Coaching session of 45 minutes to maximise from the report on overcoming a MAJOR limiting move of falling into a "me too" trap and to elevate your worth such that you attract the right people in your business and career.
  • Define your complementary sweet spot working and communicating with other archetypes for synergy and impact.