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What if you could captivate & inspire the people you care about to care about what matters most before they turn to distraction, become disconnected and ended up in a state of apathy?

We are living in an extraordinary time of change.

As disruptions, new trends, movements, ideas and breakthroughs are arising, it means that there are more competition for people’s attention.

Whether you are a career change maker wanting to bring about a cultural renovation in an organisation or an entrepreneur who strives to inspire thousands of people towards a mission, you are always in a constant battle with what people are paying attention to.

You may tend to think that people should care about what you do, even though whatever you build matters.

Unfortunately, the reality is often the opposite.

In a April 2016 commissioned study, conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Persado, it was found that:

Up to 89% of marketers surveyed believe they are excellent or very good at using behavioral and attitudinal customer data to create the right content based on insights and emotions across channels.​

However, up to 58% of consumers rated brands’ ability to make their offering resonate on an emotional level as poor, regardless of the channel brands use to reach them.

relevance helps in influential communication

This disparity continues to show up through many ways which we communicate and influence.

Think about this: Nothing gets done without communication and influence. We need to captivate and inspire others to take our message, ideas, beliefs, strategy and value somewhere, be it down the oceans or out into space.

As you are building a brand for your business or your career, you probably came across some of these struggles:

  • Your message being taken for granted by the people whom you are trying to reach.​
  • People do not care as much as you do on what you could add value and you are bothered by it.
  • You are usually being bargained on price rather than being sought after for your value.
  • You are annoyed by the fact that brands whose products and services are not as great as yours get more raved about and sought after than yours.
  • You find it tough to convince people towards an intended action.
  • You realise that the harder you tried to communicate the lesser people respond.
  • You ended up getting burnout sooner than you expect for doing a lot to be seen & to be recognise for your value, yet with little results.

Relying solely on past methods, even if it works well, can do more damage than good.

Because leaders continue to manage people.

And businesses continue to talk at people.

By continuing to communicate the way we used to do, we will only continue to alienate people, like a lot of brands do.

But you don’t have to keep receiving cold treatments from the very people you are trying to influence…

We are now living in a time where we do not want to be spoken to as an object.

More people have passed the stage of immediate personal concerns.

They don't just settle for products and services that satisfy their needs.

People want to be treated as whole human beings with a mind, heart and soul — to meet not only their emotional needs but especially their spiritual ones (related to values).

They need meaning; They are in pursuit of happiness and seek spiritual evolution.

They seek life experiences, they want to have their common values respected and they endorse business models that take into account their ethical values.

When you learn to meet people at what matters most, you will earn their trust and respect that allows you to touch their lives, enabling you to grow your income or to multiply your profits.

Business people crossing bridge in shape a of handshake

Despite knowing all these, we often self-sabotage ourselves haphazardly, just like what I did previously, until I had an epiphany…

When I started a career in personal development about five years back, I was called upon to face my deepest fears; to go intimate and to have hard conversations with others.

And I realised I’m not the only one struggling with this.

From at least 200 people I worked with, from entrepreneurs, executives, coaches, trainers, speakers, consultants, professionals to specialists, I saw a common pattern.

They are struggling to communicate beyond the surface value propositions of their business, ventures and career.

Hence, their potential to reach a greater audience out there & to inspire them have been undermined.

That was also my roadblock!

For years, I was stuck.

Due to that, I missed out on a lot of great opportunities, the opportunity to impact someone else in a way that fulfills & rewards me the most.

While desperately trying to find my way to breakthrough this, I stumbled upon an awakening!

Every touch point with someone is an opportunity to influence their lives to something greater, not by fixing problems, but by becoming a better human being every day and to communicate from that level. 

So I started redesigning the way I communicate with people......to go deeper into our relationship with my clients and prospects.

The degree of our success in today's digital and technological context lies in our human growth potential:

  • Are you impacting lives with a purpose and higher intent?
  • Are you applying your virtues, talents and skills to connect and relate to people, customers, associates, vendors, partners and other forms of stakeholders as human beings - the most complex system of all?​
  • To what extent are you mobilizing the human networks to facilitate systemic change to complex problems?

By looking at a systemic macro level and from a human-centric perspective, it enabled me to build an ecosystem for growth, create tribes and achieve breakthrough in sales.

Because of his ability to build deep relationships with people, his natural way of being an anchorpoint that people can trust; and his constant willingness to do more FOR the customer; he broke all the sales record of Mind Transformations’ Business Development Execs from since 1997. I am truly honored to have the opportunity to work with Alfred. His humility and groundedness continues to be a great inspiration for me; a demonstration that competition, rah-rah and scarcity mindset don’t last – it is the consistency, sincerity and a-mind-for-others that will be the best predictor of sales performance, over time.

Joseph Ch'ng, NLP Coach, Writer, Techie

Mind Transformations Pte Ltd

Most importantly, it enabled me to build brands of significance that inspired the hearts of many who wanted to build a conscious career, business or to live the path where they can be most fulfilled, make a difference and be well-rewarded.

Alfred is not the typical web or marketing guy. I wasn’t looking for one. I was looking for a person who is authentic, conscious and have values I share like integrity, generosity, willing to learn and grow, open hearted and open minded. He has depth and resonate with the spirit of what our business is about. I am amazed at the perspectives Alfred offers, going beyond what I expect of him. I feel respected, honoured and valued as he listened intently, expressionless most times, and then gift us with his insights and perspectives through his writing n content. We have struggled for the right words to communicate who we are and our business. He is versatile. He has the gift to cut right to the heart and at the same time can present a message in an unexpected creative way. I wanted our message to reach people’s hearts. I’m looking for a unique audience who seeks a special unique and safe space to come home to themselves. Alfred had crafted our messages masterfully with pictures and words. Alfred is the guy if you want an unusually gifted person to journey with to send your business message to the world.

Gennet Song, Founder, Growth Passion Nurturer

Sparks Of Life

A session with Alfred was both meaningful and helpful to me. What added value to the session was the common language we shared in Enneagram personality system and how I can work towards finding my core and be in the flow.

During the session, I discovered my main communication style : the groundedness in me and the need to start small before I get into a realist mode.

He helped me identify possibilities of connecting my expertise in the subject matter of nature to real life lessons, that enabled me to craft my materials to resonate with my audience stronger in a practical sense.

Another unique thing that stood out in the session was the profiling I did prior the meeting : A mediator with my 2 dominant archetypes : Alert and Trust. It revealed the steadfastness, structure and consistency in me, enabling me to define my best self and distinct value.

This, to me, was a revelation.

Fiona Puah, Facilitator

Outdoor Educator

Imagine what this could mean for your business and your career if you could inspire the people you care about to devote to what matters most?

You could be living with a sense of ease, abundance and freedom enjoying doing the things you love most, supporting causes that inspire you, travel to places that fascinate you and meeting people who nourish you, while being present with your loved ones when they need you most, without losing yourself in unproductive long hours, resistance, frustrations and obstacles that only you can understand.

With this in mind, I’ve put together a workbook on influence which you can harness to build a brand that matters, whether to advance your career or to boost your business.

Future-fit your business and brand

Here's where you can uncover and activate your SECRET WEAPON, the highest distinct  value of who you are.

  • Start appealing to your true advocates
  • Reclaim your exponential edge in this complex landscape
  • Create assets built upon your 'secret weapons' that are bigger than yourself

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