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Growing a purposeful brand that matters

How are you expressing your value and message beyond the entertains of likes, shares and comments and attracting more of the right people to care about what you do?

What matters most?

While majority of the people are busy talking at and telling their audience (in whatever tactics possible), the ones who truly rise up from the noise are those who embodied their message and lead with who they are via…

power of stories to scale business

Stories & Narratives

Humans brains are designed to be influenced by stories since thousands of years ago, beginning with cave paintings. We’ll work with you to find different formats to express your narratives that touch the lives of others.

happy customers singapore

Nurturing the right audience

Since whatever you do has got to deal with people in one way or another, it is about nurturing the relationships. We’ll explore with you ways to create meaningful and valuable touch points with your audience.

sense of purpose and meaning singapore and asia business

Sense of purpose and meaning

Many people have goals and outcomes, only a few live with a purpose. And those who do actually make great businesses in today’s context where it is less of selling yourself but more of getting the right people to believe in you that will get you far. You’ll be personally coached to align your presence with a purpose and to act with meaning.

What other clients say...

Alfred has demonstrated the power of observation, clear questions and nurturing presence. Often he holds the space for others to find their answers, especially in an age of fiber optics, it is a strength that only a few have mastered. Over the years he has often surprised me with his ability to get results through gentleness, keen observation and collaborativeness. If you value long term growth through hard work, clear value proposition for the market, developing strategies to manifest your talent and gifts, Alfred is a valuable resource for you..

Barney Wee - Principal Trainer | NLP Trainer | Enneagram Trainer | Life Coach | Organizational Development Consultant | Founder of Mind Transformations

Barney-Wee_profile mind transformations

Alfred’s depth of professional knowledge and sincere desire to serve with love and to do good in this world shines through in all my interactions with him; be it via text, email, telephone or face to face meetings. A crucial point for me in making the process of redefining my destination, determining on where I want to invest my energy while in transition, a mindful and meaningful experience despite my hectic schedule. I am now more confident in using my authentic voice to articulate my value and am more precise about the knowledge skills, habits and support that I need to achieve my goals, moving forward. Fun, exciting and meaningful projects are coming my way! He provides more value than one can expect.

Hasnah Bte A. Rahman more affectionately known as Miss Has - Speaker, Trainer, Edupreneur and Coach | Founder of Positive Focus

hasnah positive focus

Alfred is not the typical marketing guy. I wasn't looking for one. He has depth and resonate with the spirit of what our business is about. I am amazed at the perspectives Alfred offers, going beyond what I expect of him. I feel respected, honoured and valued as he listened intently, expressionless most times, and then gift us with his insights and perspectives through his writing and content. We have struggled for the right words to communicate who we are and our business. He is versatile. He has the gift to cut right to the heart and at the same time can present a message in an unexpected creative way.

I wanted our message to reach people's hearts. I'm looking for a unique audience who seeks a special unique and safe space to come home to themselves. Alfred had crafted our messages masterfully with pictures and words.

Alfred is the guy if you want an unusually gifted person to journey with to send your business message to the world.

Gennet Song - Holistic Wellnesspreneur and Life Coach

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