go slow to grow fast

Why going slow helps you go and grow faster as an entrepreneur?

Photo credit: Esther Tay, www.thepausemag.com​In a research paper led by Harvard Business School in “Conspicuous Consumption of Time: When Busyness and Lack of Leisure Time Become a Status Symbol” Journal of Consumer Research, it was found that someone with a busy lifestyle tends to be associated as a high aspirational status symbol. Not only that, […]

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future-proof your career

What it takes to supercharge your career and thrive in the future of work?

There is a lot of uncertainty today concerning Singapore’s changing employment landscape. This is true for both career seekers and organisations alike, as both sides of the table try to understand and navigate the ‘Future of Work’. What are the driving forces behind this change? A recent Straits Times article highlights some key trends we […]

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2018 business growth strategies for SME

Top 6 ‘weeds’ to remove from your marketing, sales, branding and business for 2018 (with strategies given for each) so that you can finally scale your expertise towards growth, fulfillment and freedom.

Weeds do what they do best – to keep you from growing and expanding!I’m not an expert in gardening.But it isn’t hard to understand what weeds do what they do best, that is, to keep you from growing and expanding in the areas you’ve put in your best efforts.And most of the time, they do […]

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raising consciousness humanity business

Raising consciousness is a serious business if you truly want to advance your career, business and life in these challenging times.

Just earlier this week, I received an email from Mindvalley’s newsletter, titled “How to raise the consciousness & vibration of 1 billion people?”And I’m glad that I opened this email and went through the message.The part that caught my attention was a segment of Q & A with Tom Chi, co-founder of Google X, where […]

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