About – Branding That Matters

As the needs of people evolve these days in today’s highly interconnected world, no business can last without creating a positive ripple effect by influencing its team, customers, community and the environment where they live in.

Therefore, Branding That Matters is less about following the conventional rules, guidelines and expectations of promoting your brand (the way many companies are doing it) and more about expressing, showing up and acting in ways that are consistent with your purpose, values and identity of who you are that people care about.

Expressing a resonant story of purpose, meaning and value.

art and science of story resonance

There is a story behind every image of what you see, hear, feel and do.

An image is usually frozen in time of a past or a future.

A story is not. It is dynamic. It is unique in the now.

No stories are the same, even the ones within ourselves. Thus, how can each measure up against the other?

Stories grow and evolve with the context, environment, people, culture, consciousness, values and beliefs with regard to what is being practiced. And they can impact people's lives.

Looking into the stories of the people you are serving gives you the freedom to adapt, the resourcefulness to respond and the wisdom to connect.

Thus, Branding That Matters helps one tap into their own resonant story and express it in such a way that connects people at their heart and soul, driving people to act and come together where it matters.