Pay it forward
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Our great future together lies in becoming a robust human being every day.

The digital era has made it possible for many work functions to be automated alluding to a possible future where many functions of business could be replaced by robots. However, the human element still has incredible value in this highly complex and dynamic environment.

Today, communications must be centered on improving human connections and networks, delighting customers and empowering employees with meaning and purpose in this highly interconnected economy.

This context-aware communication and collaboration are known as collective human engagement – the active connection between team members and customers to the information, experts, and decision-makers they need to make an impact.

However, many models of success aren’t relevant anymore in this complex and multidimensional landscape.

How can you identify those models?

  • The methods are set up in a linear fashion, usually containing isolated methods and processes.
  • They are teaching you to move step-by-step along a defined “outcome/accomplishment” timeline.
  • They adhere to well-defined rules of possibilities and impossibilities…

What you have been told about mindset change is hyped or oversimplified.

The dematerialization, demonetization, and democratization of technology could potentially lead to a new definition of “haves” and “have-nots.”

We are now living in a time where we do not want to be spoken to as an object.

More people have passed the stage of immediate personal concerns.

They don’t just settle for products and services that satisfy their needs.

People want to be treated as whole human beings with a mind, heart and soul — to meet not only their emotional needs but especially their spiritual ones (related to values).

They need meaning; They are in pursuit of happiness and seek spiritual evolution.

They seek life experiences, they want to have their common values respected and they endorse business models that take into account their ethical values.

When you learn to meet people at what matters most, you will earn their trust and respect that allows you to touch their lives, enabling you to grow your income or to multiply your profits.

You need an entirely different way of looking at the world – using exponential and system thinking, combined with technology, globalization, emergence, social media, cross-pollination, leverageable networks and mastery of human nuances.

This isn’t your conventional communication, branding and marketing that only ended up talking at people, no matter how savvy they are.

This is for you if you care about speaking to the heart of what matters.

This is for you if you care about making a difference where our humanity truly wants to belong.

To future-fit our value and growth in this disruptive digital economy, it is ever more important that we become a highly robust human being.