Communicating your highest human advantage in the digital economy

You have far more hidden gems within you than you think, which if fully expressed, could give you the greatest leverage you can ever imagine.

Your search for a better branding, marketing and all that business stuff ends here.

You have probably been taught, told or sold by the understanding that your weakness lies in marketing, branding or selling.

Yes, while that might be true for you. More often than not, those are just symptoms and distractions.​

Whether you are a professional exploring a second career, working hard on a side business ​hoping to make it a sustainable full-time career or an entrepreneur finding ways to grow and scale your venture to the next level, YOU are the greatest leverage!

​Your alignment of your vision, purpose, values, beliefs, energy, habits, emotional and personal mastery almost always precede and even supersede tactics, techniques and strategies.

who am I
crafting my visionary identity and mission

This is for you if...

You are lost or clueless about your unfair advantage and direction. As a result, you are simply taking whatever opportunities that come, hoping one of them will succeed. You are busy but don't really know what you are busy for. Hence, your efforts are uncoordinated and seem to be leading nowhere. 

Your brand or business performance is at the mercy of disruption and dynamic changes. Your methods, message and efforts seem to be losing their effectiveness and appeal. You are often seen fighting the fire rather than contributing to the growth of your venture. Currently, your venture is built on YOU rather than something bigger than you.

You are often taken for granted even if you know your strengths and have an expertise or compelling message you want to share with the world.​ Thus, you realized you are living a compromised and shortchanged life. To a  certain extent, you are beginning to lose the momentum of what you're passionate about.

Your journey to the next level of growth starts here...

Uncovering your highest distinct value - Personality Profiling System

personality profiling

The easiest, hardest and scariest thing to be is yourself. With the diagnostic assessment of your personality, you can then apply your virtues, talents and skills to connect deeply with people, customers, associates, partners and other forms of stakeholders influentially.

The Ecosystem Method Coaching Program

intentional presence of influence coaching

A 360 Approach to Business Growth in the dynamic digital economy. Most businesses think of their products and services in linear fashion. Usually, in short-term of bits and pieces. For consumers/clients, this appears fragmented and disconnected. It is like playing chess. A novice only thinks the most 2 - 3 steps of moves ahead. Whereas for an expert, he/she thinks in sets of permutation and strategies ahead.

What others have to say...

"Because of his ability to build deep relationships with people, his natural way of being an anchor point that people can trust; and his constant willingness to do more FOR the customer; he broke all the sales record of Mind Transformations’ Business Development Execs from since 1997. I am truly honored to have the opportunity to work with Alfred. His humility and groundedness continues to be a great inspiration for me; a demonstration that competition, rah-rah and scarcity mindset don’t last – it is the consistency, sincerity and a-mind-for-others that will be the best predictor of sales performance, over time."

Joseph Ch'ng, NLP Coach, Writer, Techie | Mind Transformations
Jane Smith

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